Life without Rolling Shutter

What is Rolling Shutter effect?

This is what forces you to throw away some of your beautiful footage while filming with CMOS camera.

Picture shear

  • Occurs while filming fast moving objects.

  • Affects all types of scenes.

Jello effect

  • Occurs while filming from vibrating surfaces.

  • Affects the picture when shooting with drones or from vehicles.

Spinning objects distortion

  • Occurs while filming fast rotation.

  • Affects the picture when shooting propellers or car wheels.

Flash separation

  • Occurs while filming objects illuminated by flickering or pulsed light sources.

  • Affects the picture when shooting indoors under fluorescent lights.

How to cope with Rolling Shutter effect?

Put up with image defects? Buy an extremely more expensive camera with global shutter? Or just simply use SKYRIS GlobalFilter device with any of your photo/video CMOS camera?

GlobalFilter device

► Complete Rolling Shutter elimination
► One device for many different cameras
► Lightweight and compact design
► A variety of mount sizes

It really works! Watch the video demonstration!


Our filter works with any CMOS camera

Device is mounted to camera lens as ordinary filter (UV, ND, e.t.c.) and can be used with various cameras.


Just turn on and get a perfect footage

GlobalFilter works as plug-n-play device. Due to compact size, low weight and compatibility to mount on different cameras, you can use it in various conditions, even when filming with drones.

Reduced filming costs

You don't need to buy expensive staff

With GlobalFilter you can avoid buying pricey global shutter cameras and get the same result from your current setup.

Complete Rolling Shutter elimination

Experience a new quality level

GlobalFilter allows you to forget about Rolling Shutter and also have built-in UV and adjustable ND filters.

Reviews on SKYRIS GlobalFilter

“We tried different cameras during our preparations to "Hardcore Henry" movie, but all of them had a terrible Rolling Shutter and we couldn't cope with it. This was a serious problem for post production. Device that eliminates Rolling Shutter deffect on CMOS sensor cameras is extremely important for amateur filmmakers, action-camera owners and also for professional filmmakers in cases when camera size and weight matters. GlobalFilter shows fantastic results!"

“I specialize on shooting extreme sports, particularly motorsports. Most scenes are very dynamic, shot in fast motion and often Rolling Shutter limits my capabilities, making my footage unuseable. New product created by SKYRIS is an ideal and unparalleled solution. Global Filter will prevent me from spending a lot of money buying high-end equipement, that is very important for amateur video production.”


If you want to pre-order our device or have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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